Doylestown Hemp Company

CBD Candles Case Qty (6) - 9oz Clear Glass Candle Tumbler - 7 Variants


These CBD  Candles are made with Farmed and Renewable ingredients, the hemp seed oil and CBD used is processed at Doylestown Hemp Company.  The candle is hand crafted in a clear glass tumbler with a plantable dust cover that can be placed in soil to grow wildflowers. The heart of the candle is a cotton and paper braided wick. Provides approx. 40 hours of burn time.

CBD candles could provide various helpful benefits, such as anxiety and stress-relieving effects as well as pain relief.

Mood enhancement has also been reported with CBD candles. CBD-infused candles are ideal for helping you relax and decompress. CBD, on its own, is known for its anti-anxiety and de-stressing properties, even helping with mood enhancement. Certain herbal essential oils, such as lavender and bergamot, do the same (but to a far less potent degree). When combined in a candle, then, your body

receives whiffs of some of the most calming blends possible. When it’s picked up by your nose, these scents stimulate the

Endocannabinoid System that then transmit messages throughout the CB1(brain) and CB2(body) receptors which that helps to regulate emotions, pain. With such uplifting properties as CBD allows, the candles help in creating quite relieving, blissful, healing effects in the air.

More than just mood, CBD candles have also been speculated to assist with reducing inflammation and managing pain. Just as certain aromas can trigger calming reactions in the brain, certain chemicals can also help control pain perception, allowing for your body to release

compounds that reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort.

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