CBG 387 mg - Energy Blend


CBG 387 mg Energy Blend with Vitamin B-12.

Article by Medical Mike

Does CBG Give You Energy?

CBG is known for its energy-boosting effects that are often compared to a  caffeine rush. However, it should be noted that CBG does not have any  stimulating properties like THC.

Several users enjoy the boost in energy, concentration, and creativity that CBG  provides. Additionally, some users also state that CBG helps maintain a good  mood and manage daily stress.

Others use CBG to improve their concentration over more extended periods for  increased levels of productivity. Besides, with its dropper tincture, you can easily  control the dose of CBG oil.

The combined effects of CBD and CBG ensure that users obtain the best of both  worlds; improved concentration while feeling calmed and relaxed. One great  example of combined CBD and CBG oil on the market is the Medical Mikes CBD  and CBG oil tincture.

The broader array of therapeutic benefits that both CBD and CBG provide  includes pain-relieving effects, improved digestive bowels, and may reduce  acne.  According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the ECS is  associated  with anandamide production during exercise. The subjects  experienced an ‘adrenaline high’ due to the increased anandamide levels in their  bloodstreams.

B12 to boost energy, stamina, immune system, improve sleep, and reduce depression

*Doylestown Hemp Company does not make any medical claims but we closely follow the research and studies conducted on Hemp and the Cannabinoids.

387 mg CBG, 1 ml Vitamin B-12, Organic MCT Oil, USDA Certified, Hemp Seed Oil, USDA Certified CBG Flower

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