Hemp Infused Wax Melts Pink Hibiscus

MEMORY RETENTION, ALERTNESS - PINK HIBISCUS This delightful natural scent of pink hibiscus captures the essence of the flower. With top notes of grapefruit and middle notes of ylang and bottomed out with berry/fruits, this scent will drive your focus.
Infused with CBD, Hemp Seed Oil, Pinene Terpene

These wax melts can be used in electrical or tea light warmers. Break off one or two cubes and place in the warmer. After a couple of minutes, it will start to melt releasing the goodness of the fragrance infusions. After several uses its recommended to replace the wax in the warmer, wait until the wax is completely solidified before removing. DO NOT DO IT WHILE THE WAX IS LIQUID!


Soya wax, natural fragrance, hemp seed oil, terpenes, plant extracts

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Wax Melts

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