Doylestown Hemp Company

Six Pack - Fall Candles 2023 Collection


Two each of the Fall Collection Scents, Includes Table Tent Display

Pumpkin Souffle - TOP: cardamom MID: pumpkin sugar BASE: cinnamon, pie crust, butter, cream, vanilla

Green Apple Spice - TOP: orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg MID: apple BASE: clove vanilla

Cranberry Fields - TOP: cranberry, citrus MID: red apple, wildberry BASE: vanilla

Farmed Ingredients, Made with Hemp Seed Oil, Soy and Coconut! The Hemp Seed Oil used is grown and processed in Bucks County Plantable dust cover, grows wildflowers . Handcrafted locally

9-ounce clear glass tumbler

45 Hours of Burn time



Hempseed Oil, Coconut, Soy

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